Love Your Legs Again With Sclerotherapy

It’s February and love is in the air everywhere we look. Valentine’s Day is a great time to be reminded of all that we love and can tend to take for granted. How are you feeling about your body?

Your Kidneys

The more you understand something, the better you can care for it. For example, understanding the inner workings of your car will help you know what needs maintained and how it will perform to its maximum capacity for you. The same applies to your body.

Iron-Rich Foods For The Holidays And For Patients Undergoing Kidney Dialysis

Getting the right amount of iron in your diet is important to many functions of your body. This mineral is vital for many reasons:

What Might Your Life Look Like After Your Kidney Transplant?

If you’re considering a kidney transplant there are many factors to think about. You’ll want to consider the procedure itself. Finding a doctor who is an expert in this field is important. Dr. Alan Benvenisty Vascular Surgeon is a well-known vascular and endovascular surgeon in New York City. He has extensive expertise in kidney and renal transplant surgery.

Fall Foods For Your Heart

This time of year is filled with foods that are harvested in the fall. The cooler temperatures usher in a desire to cook and consume rich foods that are being displayed at your local farmers markets and grocery stores. There are some seasonal fruits and vegetables that are great for your heart health.

Hemodialysis Diet

If you are in need of kidney dialysis you have two options–hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis has its advantages. One advantage that patients enjoy is that the treatment allows you to have four dialysis-free days each week. If it is determined that hemodialysis is right for you, you will need to take special consideration to your diet.

Water – A Gift You Can Give Your Cardiovascular System

Water is a gift you can give to yourself every day. Its benefits are endless. Water has a big impact on your cardiovascular system as well. In these summer temperatures, you are losing more water due to perspiration.

Get Freedom For Your Carotid Artery With Carotid Endarterectomy

Dr. Alan Benvenisty Vascular Surgeon would like to wish everyone a very happy July 4th. It’s such a great time to look back with gratefulness and also celebrate the freedoms that we enjoy in America. During this time of great reflection and celebration there are many parties under the bright lights of fireworks in the sky happening all over the United States

Do Blood Clots Happen More Frequently In Your Legs When Flying?

Blood clots can be rooted in one for the major deep veins in your leg. The circulation of blood in your leg is then blocked. This clotting can be painful and cause swelling, and even create a warm feeling in your leg.

Understanding Your Cardiovascular System

Dr. Alan Benvenisty Vascular Surgeon is passionate about your cardiovascular system. He offers an extensive list of options to help diagnose and get to the bottom of all of your cardiovascular needs. Your vascular needs are linked to your larger cardiovascular system. Understanding this system helps us help you.