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Carotid Stenosis 101 New York, NY

Carotid Stenosis 101

Plaque building up inside an artery

Picture this. You finally took the leap, bought a motorhome and are now on the trip of a lifetime. Plans include visits with all the grandkids, hobby shops and tourist traps you can find along the way. It’s a lovely day just tooling down the highway when your vision goes a little wonky. You start to say something to your partner about it, but the words just won’t come out right and you’re confused about what exactly is going on. Next thing you know, you’re in a medical facility with nurses and doctors bustling about. They use and try to explain terms like Atherosclerosis, Stenosis, Carotid Artery Disease and TIA, but none of it makes sense. What on earth is going on?

Clogged Arteries

To begin, we all have veins and arteries. Arteries generally carry blood away from the heart. Over time, cholesterol and triglycerides may build up and harden in an artery, forming a substance called plaque. This process of buildup and hardening of plaque is called Atherosclerosis.

When atherosclerosis happens in a Carotid Artery in the neck, it’s called Carotid Stenosis or Carotid Artery Disease. The Carotid Arteries supply oxygen and nutrients to the brain and face. This explains why vision and mental acuity are affected when their blood flow is reduced. When a blood vessel is restricted with plaque, blood pressures increase and in turn, a part of the plaque may break off, forming a blood clot. This clot may travel to the brain and interrupt blood supply to part(s) of the brain. A decreased supply of blood to the brain may result in either a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or a Stroke. Fortunately, a TIA generally resolves on its own within 24 hours, but it should be treated as your alert that a stroke is forthcoming.

Unclogging the Pipes

In diagnosing a patient with Carotid Stenosis, one or more scans will be made of the arteries in question. If an artery is blocked 50% or more, it may be recommended to perform a Carotid Endarterectomy. This procedure involves opening the artery and cleaning out the plaque while the patient is under general sedation. Patients are often able to go home within 48 hours of the procedure and back to normal activity within a month.

If you or a loved one have experienced a TIA or stroke, or if you have a family history of Carotid Stenosis, contact Dr. Benvenisty to schedule a consultation. Dr. Benvenisty is an award-winning vascular surgeon with experience in all types of vascular conditions and can aid you in getting back on the road and living your best life.

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Max P.

Dr. Benvenisty is very professional and thorough. Listens to his patients and truly cares. Fantastic doctor and lovely staff

Andrew C.

Could not have asked for more. Genuinely passionate, skilled and cares about his patients.

Yossi S.

A doctor who gives the best care to his patients and treats the disease with best care and great staff.

Renata B.

Dr. Benvenisty was excellent and helped us with my husband's extensive leg swelling related to diabetes. We had another specialist who didn't help us last year. We're planning to stay with Dr. Benvenisty now! He's detailed oriented, matter-of-fact and friendly. An excellent doctor I would strongly recommend.


Dr. Benvenisty treated my mother in the ER during this time of the covid outbreak. He was a part of a fantastic team of doctors that were brought in to find out what was ailing my mother. He is first and for most experienced in many areas as my mother was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Although he transferred the surgery to another member of his team, he gave me his mobile and kept me informed of her condition/diagnosis at a time where I was unable to be with her myself because of this pandemic. His heart, compassion, understanding and bedside manner are things that I will not ever forget. He is an excellent doctor and truly a great human being.

Howard L.

Dr. Benvenisty is the most caring physician that I know. He is brilliant, highly ethical and trustworthy. His knowledge extends well beyond his specialty. He makes referrals to the best possible physicians. I know Dr. Benvenisty for 25 years and have complete confidence in him.

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