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Five Common Symptoms of Potential Kidney Failure New York, NY

Five Common Symptoms of Potential Kidney Failure

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The kidneys, those two bean-shaped organs tucked away in your lower back, are crucial in maintaining overall health. They are the unsung heroes that balance electrolyte levels, regulate blood pressure, stimulate red blood cell production, and rid your body of waste.

When your kidneys begin to falter, they can send distress signals in the form of symptoms. The following five signs are indicative of potential kidney failure. However, you can find further information on this disease by visiting our kidney failure page.

1. Changes in Urination

One of the earliest signs of kidney trouble can be changes in urination patterns. This includes increased frequency and a sense of urgency, especially at night. Some individuals may notice blood in their urine, which is a red flag for potential kidney issues. Additionally, foamy or bubbly urine might indicate excess protein being expelled, which is abnormal.

2. Swelling (Edema)

When your kidneys aren’t functioning as they should, excess fluid and sodium can accumulate in your body, leading to swelling in your legs, ankles, and feet. This condition is called edema and often occurs as the kidneys lose their ability to manage fluid balance. If you notice unexplained swelling, it’s worth discussing with a healthcare professional.

3. Fatigue and Lethargy

Feeling unusually tired and lacking energy (despite getting enough rest) is another symptom that could point to kidney trouble. The hormone, erythropoietin, is produced in the kidneys produce and stimulates the production of red blood cells. When the kidneys are impaired, red blood cell production decreases, leading to anemia, which, in turn, causes fatigue and weakness.

4. High Blood Pressure

Kidneys play a crucial role in managing blood pressure. When they start to falter, your blood pressure can rise. This can be a silent symptom because high blood pressure is often asymptomatic. Regular blood pressure monitoring is crucial, especially if you have other risk factors for kidney disease.

5. Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are sometimes caused by a buildup of waste and toxins in the body. You may experience a feeling of general sickness and gastrointestinal distress.

Dr. Alan Benvenisty, MD

It’s important to note that while these symptoms can be indicative of kidney issues, they can also be attributed to other health conditions. Due to this, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional if you suffer any of these signs, especially if they persist or worsen over time.

Early diagnosis and intervention are essential in managing kidney disease. Physicians employ various tests, including blood tests, urinalysis, and imaging studies, to assess kidney function accurately.

Dr. Alan Benvenisty, MD, an expert in kidney care in New York City, specializes in diagnosing and treating kidney conditions. He provides personalized patient care and explores suitable treatment options, striving to avoid dialysis when possible.

Kidney disease can progress through different stages, and timely intervention can significantly affect the outcome. Dr. Benvenisty’s expertise in navigating the treatment options for chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease offers hope to many patients.

If you suspect kidney issues or have concerns about kidney health, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Alan I. Benvenisty’s office on Amsterdam Avenue.

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Dr. Benvenisty is very professional and thorough. Listens to his patients and truly cares. Fantastic doctor and lovely staff

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Could not have asked for more. Genuinely passionate, skilled and cares about his patients.

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A doctor who gives the best care to his patients and treats the disease with best care and great staff.

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Dr. Benvenisty was excellent and helped us with my husband's extensive leg swelling related to diabetes. We had another specialist who didn't help us last year. We're planning to stay with Dr. Benvenisty now! He's detailed oriented, matter-of-fact and friendly. An excellent doctor I would strongly recommend.


Dr. Benvenisty treated my mother in the ER during this time of the covid outbreak. He was a part of a fantastic team of doctors that were brought in to find out what was ailing my mother. He is first and for most experienced in many areas as my mother was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Although he transferred the surgery to another member of his team, he gave me his mobile and kept me informed of her condition/diagnosis at a time where I was unable to be with her myself because of this pandemic. His heart, compassion, understanding and bedside manner are things that I will not ever forget. He is an excellent doctor and truly a great human being.

Howard L.

Dr. Benvenisty is the most caring physician that I know. He is brilliant, highly ethical and trustworthy. His knowledge extends well beyond his specialty. He makes referrals to the best possible physicians. I know Dr. Benvenisty for 25 years and have complete confidence in him.

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