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Three Small New Year’s Resolutions You Could Make That Will Give You Big Results New York, NY

Three Small New Year’s Resolutions You Could Make That Will Give You Big Results

Happy New Year

Happy 2019! Dr. Alan Benvenisty is honored to enter into another year of treating his patients. He will continue to treat you with the personal care and attention you need and deserve.

As the New Year begins, most people consider making some big changes and resolutions that will benefit their health. If you’re one of those people, Dr. Benvenisty would like to encourage you to take smaller, more attainable steps (goals) that can be incorporated and sustained all year long. Small steps, implemented over a long period of time, can make a big impact.


Ensure that you are getting enough sleep. The National Sleep Foundation explains, “Sleep needs vary across ages and are especially impacted by lifestyle and health. You can view the NSF’s recommended sleep times chart and other important information on their website.  If you struggle with falling asleep, try avoiding stimulating foods and drinks before bedtime. In addition, you may try using calming essential oils and eat sleep-promoting foods.


Add lean proteins to your diet. Protein is vital to many bodily functions, including cell maintenance and repair. It also helps with blood clotting. Proteins also help you feel satisfied for longer periods of time, which helps you avoid unnecessary snacking.


Drink more water. Ideally you should drink eight 8-oz glasses of water per day. This will benefit almost all of your bodily functions, give you more energy, and may even lead to weight loss. Water also helps your skin glisten.

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Max P.

Dr. Benvenisty is very professional and thorough. Listens to his patients and truly cares. Fantastic doctor and lovely staff

Andrew C.

Could not have asked for more. Genuinely passionate, skilled and cares about his patients.

Yossi S.

A doctor who gives the best care to his patients and treats the disease with best care and great staff.

Renata B.

Dr. Benvenisty was excellent and helped us with my husband's extensive leg swelling related to diabetes. We had another specialist who didn't help us last year. We're planning to stay with Dr. Benvenisty now! He's detailed oriented, matter-of-fact and friendly. An excellent doctor I would strongly recommend.


Dr. Benvenisty treated my mother in the ER during this time of the covid outbreak. He was a part of a fantastic team of doctors that were brought in to find out what was ailing my mother. He is first and for most experienced in many areas as my mother was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Although he transferred the surgery to another member of his team, he gave me his mobile and kept me informed of her condition/diagnosis at a time where I was unable to be with her myself because of this pandemic. His heart, compassion, understanding and bedside manner are things that I will not ever forget. He is an excellent doctor and truly a great human being.

Howard L.

Dr. Benvenisty is the most caring physician that I know. He is brilliant, highly ethical and trustworthy. His knowledge extends well beyond his specialty. He makes referrals to the best possible physicians. I know Dr. Benvenisty for 25 years and have complete confidence in him.

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